While presenting his fourth budget, the Finance Minister, instead of advancing reasons for his failure in various sectors – failure to achieve of revenue targets, shortfall in exports, rise in imports, neglect of agriculture sector, lethargy in industrial productivity, non-curtailing of government expenditure, non-introduction of tax reforms etc – indulged in his oft repeated arguments that the country was on the verge of financial collapse and he saved it from falling into a quagmire. He praised himself for enhancing forex reserves without disclosing how. On the other hand, opposition members, without reading the budget document, out rightly rejected it, calling it a farce to enrich greedy at the cost of needy. No one seems to be serious about solving real issues concerning people and the country. It is about time that our leaders awake from hibernation, see shadows of coming events, take measures to economise before rather than after inevitable has happened. There can be no magic wand to turn the worst into the best. Moreover, it is the responsibility of all of us (myself included) to contribute as much as one can to get freedom from economic slavery. The media also needs to focus more on the matter of public interest than waste time in trivialities. 


Islamabad, June 15.