CHITRAL-PTI Senator Samina Abid said during her visit that she was shocked to see the dilapidated condition of the District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ) Chitral and blamed the medical superintendent and the district health officer (DHO) for the poor management.

Doctors at the District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ) Chitral could not give justification of the cockroach-infested wards, dirt-stained beds and linens during a surprising visit of Senator Samina to the hospital. Samina Abid, who is in Chitral on the special directives of senior party leadership to take stock of PTI provincial government performance, visited the DHQ hospital along with deputy commissioner Osama Ahmad Waraich and found things in a mess.

Ms Samina said she had plainly told the deputy commissioner to tighten the noose around the doctors who were playing with the lives of people by not paying any heed to the cleanliness of the hospital. “We’ll not allow this [negligence]...I don’t care whether they’re related to me as what I want is: best health facilities to the patients. I’ve told the DC to take them to task if an MS or a DHO has no capacity to run a hospital properly,” she said. Ms Samina said she was ready to take up the issue with the chief minister and PTI chairman Imran Khan if there was a shortage of funds. “What we witnessed today [at DHQ Chitral] was pure negligence, which she reiterated, is not acceptable,” she said. When asked about the role of the district administration, Senator Samina said she had assured the deputy commissioner of her full support to cleanse the hospital of the doctors who were good for nothing.

“What’s the use of an MS if he has no capacity to ensure even the cleanliness of his hospital and let me say such doctors must switch to some other profession...luckily or unluckily both the MS and the DHO are Chitralis, and if this remained their performance, we’ll be left with no option but to take them to task,” she added.

She also came down hard on Wapda officials for prolonged loadshedding in the district under one pretext or another. After speaking to senior Wapda officials about loadshedding, she added that she had decided to take up the matter in Senate Standing Committee for Water and Power.

“The Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) seems not serious about resolving the loadshedding issue in Chitral. I’ve been in Chitral for about 10 days now and I can understand how difficult it is without electricity. Let me take up the issue to the standing committee [and] I’m sure things will be alright,” she added.