GHOTKI: Land contact of more than 20 villages has been suspended with rest of the country while the crops have also been destroyed as flood water inundated various localities in Ghotki district of Sindh, officials say on Wednesday.

The rise in water levels at Guddu and Sukkur Barrages has created alarming condition in the adjoining areas but the local government has not taken any step to control the situation.

Officials say that more than twenty villages including Ronti, Andal Sundrani and Kadarpur have been swamped in flood whereas the land contact of these villages with other areas has also been suspended.

Dozens of victims stranded in Ghotki are waiting for government’s assistance and demanded rehabilitation of their areas.

On the other hand, the flood water has also destroyed vegetables crops.

According to Flood Cell Peshawar, River Indus at Attock, River Kabul at Warsak and Nowshera and River Panjkora at Dir were in low flood on Wednesday morning.

Rests of the rivers in the province are flowing normal.