MULTAN-India has launched a vicious plan to turn Pakistan into a desert by constructing dams on rivers originating from Kashmir while Pakistani rulers are dying to do trade and have friendship with them.

Jamaat-e-Islami Parliamentary leader in Punjab Assembly Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar stated while talking to journalists here on Tuesday. He added that Pakistan is a party to the Kashmir issue and it is Pakistan after Kashmiris who paid for this issue. “But no Pakistani ruler ever bothered to resolve it,” he lamented.

He said that Indian army killed 30 Kashmiri youth but Pakistani foreign office did not raise this issue internationally to draw attention of the world towards Indian atrocities. He said that Kashmiris rendering sacrifices for the last 70 years for Pakistan while on the other hand Indian army committed organised genocide of Kashmiris. He said that Pakistani rulers betrayed Kashmiris for the sake of trade and friendship with India.

He strongly criticised world powers for their silence on incidents of burning of masjids and Qurans, killings of young Kashmiris and sexual assaults of Indian soldiers on Kashmiri women. He maintained that the criminal silences of UNO, USA and other world powers on genocide of Kashmiris by Indian army was reflective of their anti-Muslim tilt. He regretted that the international community filed to fulfil its obligations for getting the Kashmiris their rights and to implement UN resolutions on Kashmir. “It is responsibility of Pakistan to demand holding of a special session of UN Security Council for getting stopped Indian terrorism and murders of Kashmiris,” he demanded.