Despite not being a PML-N voter and supporter, I have all the respect for Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif as he is the elected Prime Minister of Pakistan and people have voted him to power. We all saw last month that he encountered some health issues relating to his heart and was advised by his doctor to undergo an open heart surgery. We learnt from different print and electronic media sources that our PM underwent open heart surgery on May 31 in a private hospital in London.

If the daughter of PM Ms. Maryam Nawaz is to be believed, four arteries of Nawaz Sharif were grafted successfully. Nawaz Sharif was discharged from hospital on June 6. Television footage showed Nawaz Sharif walking out of hospital building unassisted to a car parked outside. There was no cannula on PM’s hand and he was clad in black jacket and pant. No hospital gown or loose clothing as such.

My elder brother aged 60, underwent a similar open heart surgery in Karachi. When he was discharged from hospital after seven days clad in a hospital gown, he had cannula on his right hand and a chest tightening belt tied on his chest which lasted for 3 months. And we had to hold his hand for almost a month when he walked.

It was shocking to see PM Nawaz Sharif walk out of a London hospital unassisted as if he had gone there to get his tooth extracted. After watching television footage of Nawaz Sharif, people are questioning whether PM really underwent an open heart surgery? What was more shocking was that the media did not discuss what magic wand did the doctors use to make PM Nawaz Sharif physically fit within seven days.

In order to eradicate the impression of PM’s fake surgery, PML-N should share medical reports and x-rays with the media.


Karachi, June 15.