LONDON: Former Pakistani cricket team captain and swashbuckling batsman Shahid Afridi said in his latest statement that the cricketing talent in the country did not match up to its demand in Pakistan.

According to details, Afridi expressed his views about cricketing talent in the country during an interview with BBC Urdu. The pinch-hitter said that the type of talent that was coming up in Pakistan did not match with the cricket demand in the country.

"We always say that Pakistan has very talented cricketers. But it is not producing the sort of talent needed for international cricket. Sorry. No talent," he said.

Afridi said during the same interview that there was a lot that could be corrected in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) but if he said anything, he would be sent a notice the next morning.

Shahid Afridi also spoke on Pakistani fast bowler Mohommad Amir and said that even at such a young age, Amir was quite mature. He said that the bowler was mentally very strong and expressed the hope that Amir would fulfill the expectations that everyone had from him.

In response to a question about Mohommad Amir playing for the first time after his spot-fixing scandal, Afridi stated that it was an old practice of the British media to pressurize any cricketer they viewed as a threat before an important series.

On the issue of retirement, Afridi said he had never been a burden on the national cricket team. The all-rounder said that God had bestowed him with a lot of respect and that he would continue to play cricket with respect and also quit the game with dignity.

In response to a question about improving cricket for women in the country, Afridi stated that it was important first to enhance men's cricket in the country. He stated that when male cricketers complain of lack of facilities, imagine the difficult circumstances female cricketers had to cope with.