The Pakistan cricket team became champions by beating the Indian cricket team in the Champions Trophy which concluded at the Oval cricket ground on June 18, 2017. Unambiguously, the Pakistani team was the champion from every possible angle. The young and exuberant team of Pakistan simply outclassed the Indian giants in every faculty of the game; batting, fielding and bowling.

What a game it was! Pakistan batted superbly. Its bowling and fielding were also incomparable. The Indian team was left totally perplexed by the scintillating performance of the young and exuberant Pakistani team. They could hardly imagine that Pakistan would beat them with such a big margin of 180 runs; and had no choice but to admit that Pakistan’s performance was matchless in all respect.

Jubilance of the cricket lovers who were present in thousands at the London’s Oval cricket ground to watch the two arch rivals India and Pakistan playing the finals of the Champions Trophy, cannot be expressed in words. It was truly immeasurable. Exuberance of the Cricket lovers across the world, who remained glued to their TV sets till the last ball of the game, too was unparalleled.

The professionalism demonstrated by each and every member of the Pakistani team has undoubtedly left an indelible mark in the history of international cricket, and would be remembered for long, long time to come.

The people of Pakistan in particular and cricket enthusiasts across the world, who have been longing to see such outstanding cricket, were all praise for the Pakistani team which won the Champions Trophy. The accolades showered on the winning Pakistani team, on their brilliant performance in the Champions Trophy, by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the President of Pakistan, the Chief of the Army staff, the Air Chief and, above all, the people of Pakistan and cricket lovers from across the world is very well deserved. The entire nation salutes them for winning the championship in flying colors and bringing the Champions Trophy home. They have truly made Pakistan proud. Congratulations!


Islamabad, June 19.