ISLAMABAD - Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Wednesday said the conspiracy being hatched against the government and Prime Minister would fail and the masterminds of this act will be exposed.

While addressing a news conference along with PML-N leader Daniyal Aziz, she said the JIT report is based on speculations and probabilities and nobody can question the third times elected PM on the basis of speculations. She said JIT report was only related to the Sharif’s family personal businesses, which shows the bias of JIT against Sharif family. She asked why the JIT submitted Volume 10 incomplete to apex court. She demanded that the Volume 10 of JIT report should also be made public. 

She said there is no question of resignation of the Prime Minister, adding he will remain Prime Minister of Pakistan with the support of the people of Pakistan.    

The minister asked to read the JIT report in details before demanding the PM’s resignation as he will not resign on the wish of opposition.

She said we have already shown the reservations over JIT and the legal team of PML-N is looking into probe body’s report and will challenge it in the Supreme Court on point to point basis. She expressed the confidence that the apex court will do justice with them.

She said that people will elect Nawaz Sharif as PM in next elections because he is only leader who always busy in prosperity of the country.

She said voters will cast their vote on the basis of performance instead of sit-ins. She said attemp m8 ts were being made for third sit-in, which too will meet the same fate.

Talking about the Maryam Nawaz, she said JIT has also failed to produce any solid evidences against Maryam Nawaz as beneficiary owner in its report. She said how JIT can call lawyer to anyone without proofs. 

Speaking on the occasion, he said there are a number of loopholes in the JIT report. He said unverified sources have been used for compilation of the report. He said huge funds were allocated for the investigation but the report is still incomplete.

He said the JIT had virtually trespassed its mandate by narrating a fairy-tale based on different contradictory statements and stories.

He said the apex court should take notice of wrong statements of the JIT and ask why it wasted public money and nation’s time. He said that it was tried to give the impression that JIT report has been finalised on time.

He suggested opposition leader in National Assembly Syed Khursid Shah, Senator Aitzaz Ahsan and Jamaat Islami Chief Sarajul Haq to read the JIT report in detail before issuing statements. 

He said the Premier is not owner of any offshore company. He claimed that Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan was on payroll of Indian companies.