Islamabad-Demand of black plum, commonly known as “Jamun” witnessed increase as summer season is at its peak.

Black plum is an important summer fruit, associated with many health and medicinal benefits. Juicy and delicious fruits are liked by all.

It sale has increased in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi as Jamuns are available in plenty during the summer season.

A shopkeeper Abdul Wahab at Aabpara market said “Customers demand for a juicy, sweet Jamun some vendors to artificially `redden’ and `sweeten’ this delicious and health giving fruit.”

He said, “I sell Jamun and I received number of customers during the whole day.” A customer Qazi sohail said, “My family and specially my children prefer to have Jamun all days in a week so that I frequently buy this refreshing fruit to my family and Kids whenever I pass by nearest market.”

According to the Health expert Dr Rubina khan, Jamun fruit and Jamun leaves are good for diabetes patient. The black plum has anti-diabetic features. Jamun helps to convert starch into energy and keep your blood sugar levels in check. In the summer season, the sugar patient should eat Jamun regularly because of its low glycaemia index.

Jamun has the adequate amount of iron and vitamin C. The presence of iron in the black plum is good to increase the haemoglobin count. Jamun iron content acts as blood purifying agent.

The eating of Jamun leaves is good in treating of digestive related disorders. Chewing and eating of Jamun leaves are good in treating of diarrhoea and ulcers. Jamun leaves have great significance in ayurvedic medicine. Jamun is good in prevention of liver diseases such as necrosis and fibrosis.