I am doing Bachelors in Media Studies and I have noticed the fact that we have become more dependent on the internet and mostly rely on the digital world as we are being surrounded by gadgets. As a matter of fact, the importance of newspapers is somewhere lost and people prefer e-papers rather than using the old means of information like newspapers. Though it is the 21st century, there are new technologies coming now and then and people are being fancied by them. 

They are adopting new forms of acquiring information. Back in the past, when there was no electronic access, people used to read newspapers to get information about various activities in the world. At that time, it was considered an important aspect of life but now people are shifting to modern technologies. I have seen that people criticise print media and term it cheap and boring. Whereas e-papers are more colourful, interesting, attractive, full of pictures that is why people prefer them and read newspapers digitally. I fear that time is near when people would forget all means of reading and writing because the modern age is becoming more advanced with the passage of time. Due to all these factors that are mentioned above, it is being perceived in our society that when it comes to media studies, only electronic media is preferred but the actual fact is that print media is also a part of media studies but as people have to buy newspapers to read it, they prefer to read it online while doing their work. In my opinion, new technologies have lessen the importance of the print media and it has cost many other people who prefer print over electronic. 

We cannot deny this fact that electronic media provides more information in lesser time but the significance of print media cannot be denied. And I think media organisations and universities must provide an opportunity to those people who can excel in print media field so they can change the already built notion of the print media. 


Karachi, June 18.