LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif yesterday said Imran Khan had been relying upon artificial supports since the tenure of General Pervez Musharraf, but he could not come into power through backdoor.

“Instead of doing so, he should have relied upon the democratic process and the people,” Shehbaz said, adding the nature had granted unique opportunity to Imran Khan to serve the people in KP, but he did not prove himself to be capable of doing anything worthwhile. “Public service is beyond Khan’s capacity whose politics totally depends on conspiracies, lies, accusations and abuses,” he further stated.

The chief minister said Imran Khan had linked all his expectations to the JIT report whose contents were a masterpiece of contradictions and which had become controversial even before it was made public.

“Imran Khan has threatened to file a reference against me in the court. I would wait for this reference and I am quite sure that Niazi Sahib will use the same excuses to avoid appearing before the court as he has already set the biggest record in the court history of Pakistan,” he stated.

Shehbaz went on to say Imran Khan’s accusation against him was not a new thing as he had already levelled such baseless and false allegations. The chief minister said he had filed a lawsuit against Khan worth Rs 10 billion for such a slanderous statement against him.

Shehbaz said Khan had announced at a public meeting in Lahore on March 23, 2013, that he would not lie again, but this announcement proved another lie. “If lies and name-calling are excluded from the politics of Imran Khan, there would be left nothing in it,” he concluded.