PESHAWAR -  Pakistan Peoples Party’s provincial leader Rahim Dad Khan warned of blocking main supply line of natural gas at Shergarh, district Mardan, if the federal government failed to complete gas supply schemes to the villages located in provincial assembly constituencies PK-27 and PK-28.

Rahim Dad Khan while speaking at a news conference at Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday said that work on natural gas supply project to parts of Shergarh had been started in 2012 after payment to the Sui-Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), but the incumbent federal government had suspended the schemes before completion. He claimed that he had managed to release funds for the gas supply schemes during PPP government at the centre, but despite completion of feasibility study, the PML-N government discontinued the plan.

The union councils where the gas was to be supplied included Hatiyan, Takkar, Madey Baba, Kafur Dheri, Lund Khwar, Makori, Shergarh, and respective suburban localities, Khan said, adding that these areas were located near the main supply line but even then were not being given the facility.

The PPP leader alleged that PML-N leader Amir Muqam had created problems for people because new plans were approved and the already approved schemes were ignored on political basis. He pointed out that the concerned MPA Jamshid Mohmand had joined PML-N but he had also failed to convince the federal government for resumption of work on gas supply projects.

The PPP leader, flanked by his son Asadullah Khan and others, said that it was a matter of serious nature and people were ready to stop gas supply via Shergarh towards Malakand Division in protest, unless they were not given the facility. The above mentioned UCs, he said, were generating huge revenue and contributing to the government kitty through agriculture produce, but even then these areas were kept deprived of basic facilities.

The people of the area, he said, were compelled to cut trees for use as firewood as they have no other source for the purpose and thus it was causing huge financial losses to locals and the government as well.

Besides, he also expressed concern over the poor health and education facilities in the area, and termed it failure of the provincial government. He said that healthcare centres were lacking basic facilities and the people of the area were compelled to go to Peshawar hospitals for treatment.

He urged both provincial and federal governments to fulfil commitment with voters and take prompt steps for welfare of the public; otherwise, candidates of the ruling parties would be unable to face people in next general elections, he said.