KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders on Wednesday called on the office- bearers of Karachi Bar Association and discussed current political situation with them.

PTI Sindh President Dr Arif Alvi, Fridaus Naqvi, Khuram Sher Zaman, Haleem Adil, Ilyas Sheikh, Dawa Khan Sabir, Tahir Malik and Riaz Afandi of Insaf Lawyers’ Wing were present on the occasion.

Talking to media men after the meeting Dr Arif Alvi said that Nawaz Sharif had no moral ground to remain prime minister of the country and he ought to step down immediately. “What kind of evidence Sharif family now requires as each page of JIT report contains chain of evidences,” he questioned.

PTI leader said Nawaz and his ministers were in a state of utter desperation, and were out to malign army and Supreme Court (SC). “They continue to give an impression as if it is some sort of international conspiracy hatched against them in the name of accountability,” she added.

Alive further said that if accountability means conspiracy, Imran Khan and the people of Pakistan would keep hatching it.

He said that the ruling party was preparing to take on the institutions which, he feared, could be very dangerous. “And in that situation, lawyers will have to play a vital role in order to strengthen democratic norms and supremacy of law as they have always done in the past,” he asserted.

Speaking on the occasion, KBA President Naeem Qureshi divulged that Pakistan Bar Council and Supreme Court Bar Council were soon going to hold an "All Pakistan Lawyers Convention” in Lahore to further discuss their role in this scenario.