Any blow to the civilian leadership in Pakistan following the JIT report that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz , had submitted forged documents about ownership of off-shore companies might lead to “new security complications for India”.

“If the SC decides to implement the report, perhaps by next week, Sharif might either be removed or, at the very least, be rendered completely ineffectual. This could have implications for India in the coming weeks and months, particularly in the security sphere,” says India media.

The article says interactions between Prime Minister Sharif and his Indian counterpart “epitomised the state of ties, which does not go beyond pleasantries”.

“But while the loss of Sharif is unlikely to strike a blow at bilateral ties, a change of regime at this time might mean that there will be new players in Islamabad, too new to matter, leaving the job of governance and foreign policy to the Army brass in Rawalpindi,” it says.

The article states that the JIT report has “severely weakened Sharif's position by cutting his avenues of deniability, something which can be a source of worry for India”.

“The outcome of the Sharif investigation and the resultant instability holds out the old red flags -that when Pakistan goes through a crisis, turning the spotlight on India and Kashmir might be a tempting answer,” it adds.

New Delhi, it says, is watching the political development in Pakistan “for what might turn out to be possible post-Sharif scenarios”.