KARACHI - A meeting was convened by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of the Sindh police which was attended by the vice-chancellors and representatives of various universities.

The main objective of the meeting was that how to aware the students to counter extremism and terrorism as what the security officials while keeping the highly educated universities’ students involvement in major terrorism cases believed that the terror outfits have made the top universities a focus in a country.

The CTD had invited VCs of eleven major universities of the province in a bid to counter extremism and terrorism with aims to limit highly-educated individuals’ involvement in terrorism.

The four senior anti-terror officers of the CTD - Raja Omar Khattab, Omar Shahid Hamid, Munir Chandio and Mazhar Mashwani briefed them about the role of terrorist organisations and also sought their suggestions as how to stop such activities at educational institutions and also emphasised the universities to play their role ahead of surveillance or monitoring of the students and aware them about the about the radicalisation of youth at educational institutions.

Talking to the media men after the meeting CTD SSP Munir Chandio said that CTD will remain in contact with these universities officials and would provide full support at every level.

CTD in-charge Khattab asked the varsity officials to place the 4th schedule law on notice boards in the campuses in a bid to acknowledge the students the consequences of getting involved with radicalized people or organizations.

“Each university should also have a secret focal person on board to report on the suspicious activities in the campus,” he suggested.

Meanwhile, Hamid added that most of the young people who fell to the propaganda of the radical organization do not think of the long term consequences of their act.

Putting forward his suggestion, Commander (retired) Naveed Ahmed of Bahria University said that dedicated intelligence committee should be made at varsities to observe the activities of students and their guests. Dr Noor Ahmed, pro VC of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, said that the services of psychologists should also be hired to devise strategy to tackle the radicalized mindset.