Elections are a mile stone in the progress and development of a state. Jul 25, 2018 has been declared as the election date in Pakistan. The political parties have submitted the list of their respective candidates who in turn have filed in the forms prescribed stating their assets , surprisingly all of them under stating the value of the assets they hold and allowed by the law the previous parliament has passed.

We have to move on and address the anomalies as we follow the path to progress that runs only through the arena of democracy. Media can play a lead role in playing a fair and transparent manner. The various channels should independently pitch the party manifestos and priorities set by the political parties. Debate them and evaluate each aspect. Like wise each National and Provincial constituency be discussed and all the major contestants be evaluated as per their profile and past performance. A schedule be followed and given out in the electronic and print media with supplement in the print media.

Who is better be left for the masses to decide. That be followed by debate on media by leaders of the political parties both at National and Provincial level. It be organised on the lines followed in USA. Let the people see the true worth of their leaders and pick those that they would put their fate in. Let each of the three leading parties put up a list of their cabinets and each minister debate the manifesto of his ministry and its implementation plan all in support of the over all manifesto of the main party based in the frame work of the budget allocation.

It must be a binding for the parties for all political gatherings to spell these aspects out of the political manifestos and implementation plan for the awareness of the voters. The interim government to implement the suggested election plan to contribute in holding free and fair elections. As a result of this exhaustive and simple exercise and also initiate a drive to create awareness among the masses to cast their votes, we would have laid a progressive five year plan for National development and address the areas of concern of the public. This road map will surely make the exercise of holding the elections of 2018 meaningful. Pakistan Painda Bad.


Islamabad, June 23.