Islamabad - Awami Workers Party (AWP) candidate from NA-54, Ismat Raza Shahjahan on Thursday said the current economic system needs to be changed for which prudent economic policies are the need of the hour. 

Talking to APP, she said there is no implementation of policies for relief of labourers or working class. “The AWP wants to align the country’s politics on progressive lines by promoting harmony among different faiths, and establishing friendly-relationship with neighbouring countries”, she said. She further said “We need an independent foreign policy without the interference of foreign countries to make it a prosperous and progressive state.”

“Our current education system is full of flaws which need to be changed by introducing international standard syllabus and a single education system in schools, colleges and universities. We want to ensure at least 10 percent of the GDP for education,” she suggested. Commenting on women’s rights, she expressed her dismay at the way women are treated and objectified in society. To a question, she said “The AWP would take initiatives to bring change in the society by encouraging and supporting voices of resistance to end the exploitation.” she said none of the political parties are focusing on the core issues of Pakistan which are taking a toll on the common man almost on a daily basis.

There are 42 slums areas in Islamabad which will be regularized, if the AWP is voted to power, by offering the residents ownership rights, she informed. “The AWP is a working-class party and we will establish labour colonies in Islamabad and other parts of the country. We have a comprehensive plan for providing clean drinking water to the public and overhauling the oozing sewerage system.” She emphasized that a culture of public debate should be promoted before election.