LAHORE - In the absence of strong local government the general election this year have been hit by issues that have no national level importance.

The national issues have been belittled with local issues like sewerage facilities, wastage disposal and other such issues. The job of MNA or MPA elected is to legislate that is help in the making of new laws and not do the work of providing facilities at the local level. Interestingly a section of media is also mixing up the local issues with the national politics.

Singer turned politician Jawad Ahmad talking to The Nation said that local government system is ineffective because of the MNAs and MPAs of political parties. “They are all corrupt and want to hold all of the powers in their own hand and by doing this they undermine the role of local government.

“The local government system is not highlighted. And the reason behind this is the lack of political awareness among the public of Pakistan. By giving the awareness to public about the actual role of local government this problem of ineffectiveness can come to an end,” Jawad was of the view.

Dr Shaukat Mahmud said that local government has no power. “Nothing has been done to ensure cleanliness. There is shortage of water and the waste disposal is not up to the mark,” Dr Shaukat said.

He said provincial governments are responsible for destroying local government system as they do not want honest and autonomous local bodies.

Professor Shanawaz Zaidi MNAs and MPAs control development work of their constituencies. This basically is the role of  local government. MPs are supposed to only legislate in assemblies. However this action of MNA’s and MPA’s to control everything undermines the role of local government.

Zaidi was of the view that if provincial government empowered local government then their own authority will be undermined.  According to Shanawaz Zaidi this issue of ineffectiveness of local government in Pakistan is due to the lack of political awareness among masses.  Advocate Basharat Iqbal said local government is the main element by which a democracy can function actively and properly and if it is ineffective the modernization of the state is not possible. “This issue is very important and it needs to be addressed for the proper functioning of the democracy in Pakistan,” he said.