SADIQABAD - PPP candidates urged the people to vote for their party to bring prosperity and remove backwardness of their area.

“Our entry into politics aims at nothing but to serve the people of Sadiqabad. You must vote for "Arrow" on 25th July if you want to replace backwardness of their area with prosperity,” said the PPP candidates.

Makhadum Syed Murtaza Mehmood, candidate for NA-180, and Mumtaz Ali Khan, candidate for PP-266, were addressing a public meeting here the other day.

They said that the PPP candidates, after reaching the Parliament, would make all out efforts for the progress of Sadiqabad. "We won't renege on our promises" they maintained. "The previous PML-N rulers performed nothing good for public welfare except looting national treasure," they flayed.

"The masses won't elect them again," they said, and adding that the PPP was the representative party of the poor and would serve Sadiqabadians with missionary zeal. "PPP candidates will be successful on 25th July.

They will lay the foundation of a new era of development in Sadiqabad," they expressed their sanguinity.

On the occasion, notables of Basti Kamal Khan assured the PPP candidates of their full support in elections and said that Makhdum Syed Murtaza and Mumtaz Khan Chang would win polls with thumping majority.