OKARA/WAZIRABAD - PTI candidate in NA-141 Syed Samsam Alii Shah Bokhari, candidate in PP-183 Rai Hamad Aslam and in PP-184 Mahr Javed Sial obtained the support of Chaudhry Fazal Ahmad Group in village 18/GD.

The group held a function in the village which was also attended by the PTI district general secretary Fahim Javed Advocate, councillors of the area, political groups and the people of the area. When the panel of three PTI candidates arrived at the function the people showered rose petals, garlanded them and received them with slogans for their success. Warm reception was offered to them from the stage by Chaudhry Fazal Ahmad.

Chaudhry pledged that his group would initiate a die-hard struggle for the success of PTI candidates Syed Samsam Ali Shah Bokahari, Rai Hamad Aslam and Mehr Javed Sial in the 25th July elections.

The district general secretary PTI Muhammad Faheem Advocate said in his address that big time for change in country had arrived. People must make excellent use of the occasion and elect the honest, sane, greedless and honest rulers to glorify the nation in the bright, prosperous and progressive futurity.

He said the nation was fortunate enough that an honest, selfless and truthful leader Imran Khan would change the fate to fortune.

So the people must vote for PTI to raise Imran Khan to the chair of prime minister of Pakistan. Syed Samsam Ali Shah Bokhari in his address laid his gratitude to Chaudhry Fazal Ahmad and his group for supporting the PTI. He said it seemed that now from a child to an old man all wanted change.

Meanwhile, PTI men quarrelled in the central camp on the playing of cherished party songs. Skirmishes started between two groups of the PTI in the central election camp at MA Jinnah Road, on the playing of the party songs, which aggravated into manhandling. Kicks, blows and dirty tongues were utilised between the two groups.

The situation could only be controlled when the police arrived. However, later the PTI candidates made truce between both groups and all querulous individuals embraced one another.

On the other side, PTI candidate from NA-79 Muhammad Ahmad Chattha has said that to understand the problems of the people. He was addressing a meeting organised by the representatives of Klair and Jawindah communities include Ch Mumtaz Hasan Jawinda, Mohammad Azam Akbar Klair and Saad Mehmood Klair at Wazirabad.

Ex-speaker of National Assembly Hamid Nasir Chattha and ex- district nazim Muhammad Fayyaz Chattha were also present on the occasion.

Chattha stated that one Pakistan means a Pakistan for all Pakistanis having equal right over the resources without discrimination and classification. "If the people pay taxes, they have right that the collected money be spent for their welfare," he said. People pay direct and indirect taxes but they are overlooked always, he said. Each citizen pays 17.5 percent tax even on a match box or a brick, he added.

"How can economic condition of common men change while their money is transferred abroad by the rulers? How can Pakistan develop without investment?" he said.  He added that a powerful ruler had been held accountable for first time in Pakistan and accountability process remain continued in the future too. He added that the three-time prime minister has done nothing for Pakistan except making joke of the country.

"We have exposed a corrupt man before the people of Pakistan. People have to give decision for the safety of Pakistan, their children and their future," he said. He added that abolishing of section 62 and 63 of the Constitution means to weaken the law and encourage plundering of the national exchequer, dishonesty and embezzlement in Pakistan. "Confidence building measures will be taken across the world to bring back major investors to Pakistan to make the economy strong," he said.