The globally adopted education system emerging from Finland, is a far cry from Pakistan’s education system. Finland has natural , pure, and intelligible techniques to nurture students in the most smooth and advanced manner. Schools in Finland admit children at the age of seven after spending the first few years of their life in home education. The child also gives his/her first exam at the age of thirteen. Students get no homework. After every 45 minutes, there is break of 15 minutes. It is designed in such a way as not to pressurize students and also let them enjoy other stuff and spend time in playing and with families. Students are independent. They sing, dance, cook, and engage in other arts. They are taught various skills like cutting, drilling, and working as carpenters.

Finland has also introduced Phenomena Based Learning (PBL) which is based on practicality. For example, if they are taught about agriculture, students are also brought to fields to examine things closely.

Their teachers do not conduct the exams, and their papers are also not checked in schools. All these procedures have been designed by ( PISA ) Programme for International Students Assessment.

The education system of Pakistan, however, cannot adopt such a system. The funds of education are stolen by the cruel politicians. There is no law and order, and no one shows interest in education. That is why Pakistan is behind strategically and economically. Pakistan must learn from the neighboring country, India, how they have improved their educational system to compete with other countries.