The first round of a two-day Track-II dialogue between Pakistan and India will continue in Islamabad on Saturday.

The dialogue titled ‘Beyond Politics and Polemics New Beginning on a Difficult Trail’ commenced on Friday under the auspices of the Regional Peace Institute.

Delegations from both sides are participating in the dialogue, and under the first round, working sessions are being held to review relations between the two countries.

The second round of Track-II dialogue will take place in New Delhi in September this year.

“Here we are finally trying to untangle the tricky knot! It is always the scent of possibilities that sustains my hope for the future.

Let’s do a toast to a tomorrow of peace and reconciliation,” event host and founder of the Regional Peace Institute Raoof Hasan tweeted.

The theme of the first session was ‘With young leading the charge – discovering new paths for reconciliation & progress’, and the second session was on ‘Moving to overcome challenges – formulating a vision of the future’.

Foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmood will address the participants of the dialogue today.