KARACHI    -  Adviser to Chief Minister Sindh on Information, Law and Anti-Corruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was still living in cricket ground and considering himself as captain and warned that he was running the affairs of country as captain of cricket team which was alarming for the 220 million people of the country. In a statement on Friday, the provincial minister advised Imran Khan Niazi to come out of nostalgia of captain of a cricket team and to stop imposing dictatorship as he was used to during his cricket life as captain. He said that country was facing grave economic challenges and inflation had broken the back bone of people of Pakistan, while political victimization of opponents has taken over the nerves of our Prime Minister.

Instead of correcting the economic policies and paying attention on bringing political stability, the provincial advisor added Niazi was busy in horse trading and hatching conspiracies against the opposition leaders.

Wahab said that non political mindset of PTI leaders had created uncertainty in every walks of life since their inception and added that pressurizing media was indication of PTI’s fascist mind set. He said that PTI was considering politics a kind of business. He said that governor Sindh was day dreaming for toppling Pakistan Peoples Party’s Sindh government which was intact.

He said that it was better for governor Sindh to fulfill his constitutional responsibilities instead of political gimmick regarding removal of constitutional government of Sindh province.