KARACHI    -   Major trade bodies and industrialists from Karachi on Friday refused to become part of the strike call by All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajran (APAT) on July 13.

The APAT had announced a nationwide shutter-down strike from July 13 against the government in several cities of the country for a hike in sales tax in the federal budget.

An umbrella groups of various traders organizations - Karachi Tajir Action Committee (KTAC)- has refused to participate in strike call for Saturday and announced that the markets will remain open in the city today (Saturday).

The group on Friday held meeting of its body, where it was decided that they would not be joining the strike call made by All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran.

“Our negotiations with the FBR have gone in positive direction and issues pertaining to producing CNIC were resolved after Chairman FBR remarks that it would only be needed for retail consumer not regular consumers,” said spokesman of the body.

He further said that the issue of the implementation of fix taxation is also under debate and has made headway with the government authorities ready to implement it. However, he said that the issue that still remains on it was the lowest amount to be charged from traders as we are demanding Rs 3000-Rs 4000 from each shop and they want to it to rise to a certain level.

He also said that the body, while refusing the strike call also noted that the APAT never supported the issues for Karachi traders and has a political agenda behind its strike call.

“Since our issues pertain to traders without involving any politics, we will not be becoming part of their activity,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the Karachi Electronic Dealers Association, that was also part of the umbrella group, defied the body’s decision and announced its support for Saturday strike call.

A trader, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the major issue with them was regarding charging of fees on regularisation of smuggled phones or unregistered phones. 

Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has already announced that it was not joining any strike call against the government and said that they were in talks with the authorities to resolve the issues.

The KCCI spokesman said that they were neither asked for participating in the strike call nor they are part of any strike call in the city.

“We have a clear opinion that strike will not resolve issues and initially we had to sit with authorities to explain our issues and get them resolved,” he said adding that it could be used as a last resort option but not initially.