Lahore-Human rights activist and lawyer, Hassaan Niazi, who fought Khadija Siddiqui’s stabbing case has come forward with a shocking claim. Niazi took to his Twitter account to share that the singer/actor Meesha Shafi is “threatening” him by initiating a #MeToo movement against him.

“Meesha team hits new low. Sending me threats of #MeToo campaign against me,” he wrote. “Typical Ayesha Gulalai mindset in community, which damages the #MeToo campaign for their personal point scoring. Let me make it clear, blackmail me and I will expose u more.”

Meesha, on the other hand, responded in a tweet, saying that she has never even met the rights activist. “Don’t think I’ve ever met this guy and neither am I accusing him of anything,” she tweeted. “Although he did inbox me for a retweet last year. Don’t remember if I responded. Do remember that I didn’t retweet.”

The singer further added, “Also, by all means all are free to investigate whatever interests them, only to discover a bottomless pit of groped bottoms. All other conspiracy theories are just that.” Shafi lauded all the artists who dropped their LSA nominations for solidarity with her and the # MeToo movement in a Twitter thread recently.

Makeup artist Saima Bargfrede, filmmaker Jami, model Rubbab Ali, folk-rock band The Sketches, designer Maheen Khan, makeup artist Fatima Nasir and actress Hareem Farooq were few names who boycotted LUX style awards this year.