ISLAMABAD           -               Capital Development Authority in line with directions of the government has prepared a PC-I for operationalistion of Metro Bus System from Peshawar Morr to New Islamabad International Airport. The PC-I of the metro bus service includes fleet acquisition, IT, security surveillance and AFC system acquisition, construction of allied infrastructure i.e. command and control centre. Furthermore, preliminary cost estimation are also part of PC-I. The PC-I for the metro bus service further includes operations of 30 new air-conditioned buses (preferably electric buses) plying on a fixed time schedule. The Capital Development Authority will act as implementing agency for the project. However, after the establishment of capital mass transit authority, the operations of the Metro Bus Service will be handed over to the successive Authority. The meeting presided by the chairman and attended by others including representatives of ICT admin evaluated the PC-1 of the project which will be submitted to the government which will finalise and fund the project.

The requirement for comprehensive public transport system for Islamabad was reviewed by local as well as international consultants and it was agreed that the city needs mass transit system for removal of traffic congestion and for public facilitation. The project comprises of 25.60 km of signal free corridor starting from Peshawar Morr and terminating at New Islamabad International Airport with eight median stations. The project is being constructed by National Highway Authority.