Islamabad - PML-N Secretary lnformation Marriyum Aurangzeb has held the PTI government responsible for the electricity loadshedding in the country because of its delay in importing LNG.

In a statement, Marriyum said it is not the first time for government’s criminal negligence and delay in the import of LNG has created a crisis. The former Information Minister said that due to the shortage of furnace oil local refineries have shutdown.

This government, she said, has strategy of benefitting mafias by importing a commodity after creating its critical shortage which leads to an artificial inflation in its price.

Marriyum opined that the real loadshedding is happening in the minds of this administration which cannot do one thing right without creating a crisis.

She questioned Imran Khan as to did he not give timely directions to the Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd (SSGCL) to give gas to K-Electric.

She criticised the worst mismanagement and incompetence by the Imran-led mafia government and said the people are suffering because of them.

She said this will once again lead to illegal profiteering, formation of an Inquiry Commission which will exonerate everyone and nobody will be held accountable.