ISLAMABAD                  -           The administration in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has sprung into action after reports of unchecked food adulteration in the city.

The drive against food outlets continued for two days with teams led by assistant commissioners and magistrates inspecting eateries that possibly did not meet the standards. The teams raided several outlets including milk shops, bakeries and stores and the violators were fined and sealed.

According to the officials, Assistant Commissioner (AC) Shalimar carried out activity against food adulteration, checked milk centers, restaurants and bakeries in Mera Abadi.

The team sealed three milk shops, one restaurant and one bakery. Fake milk powder was confiscated from the spot and samples were collected and sent for test. AC Industrial Area carried out campaign against food adulteration in sector I-8 and I-9. Godowns of a spice factory and two bakeries were sealed on account of food adulteration. Samples of spices, oil and other material were taken and sent for further testing, said the officials. Similarly,

AC Saddar and members of the Tiger Force inspected industrial units/ food packaging/distribution units in sector I-10. Samples were taken for legal action as per law.

Magistrate City inspected sector F-7 market for price checking, food adulteration and the SOPs implementation. The officials said that 25 shops were checked while 10 were sealed.

AC City inspected markets in sector G-6 and F-7 for price checking, food adulteration and the SOPs implementation. A total of 44 shops were checked and 26 violations were found. Subsequently, three shops and one bakery were sealed and samples were taken and handed over to food department for analysis.

Assistant Commissioner (Saddar), DD Food visited salt chakkis, salt distribution depots, whole sale food godowns and distributors, restaurants etc.

within the limits of Sabzi Mandi. Some of the salt chakkis and wholesale food godowns were sealed owing to expired items and unhygienic conditions. One salt wholesale distribution centre was also sealed because of adulterated salt items. Samples were collected and handed over to DD food for laboratory analysis. Samples of stored vegetables like ginger and others were also taken, according to the officials. The Tiger Force members also accompanied the team.

Furthermore, Assistant Commissioner (Rural) inspected factories/bakeries/karkhanay and restaurants for food quality and adulteration. Two factories were sealed for using expired and hazardous flavours and ingredients. Samples were taken and sent for testing. In continuation of the campaign, AC (Koral) also carried out activity against adulteration. Samples were collected from restaurants for testing. Two edible oil producing units were sealed for producing substandard oil. Two Atta chakis were sealed because of unhygienic conditions and substandard production. Fines were imposed on bakeries and restaurants under the Pure Food Ordinance, said the officials.