ISLAMABAD  - The Jamaat e Islami has once again decided to stay away from the Opposition’s planned joint protest against the government in upcoming weeks.  According to the senior leadership of JI, they had a clear stance regarding the anti-government protests and they will not be part of the Opposition joint protests.

While talking to The Nation advocate Rashid Alok a close aide of Siraj Ul Haq said that many Opposition parties were in contact with them but they will not be the part of such protests.

He stated that JI during the JUI-F’s Azadi March in 2019 were greatly criticised for not becoming party of it but what they had predicted regarding Azadi March later proved right.

While answering a question Rashid Alok revealed that staying away from the Opposition’s planned protest didn’t mean that JI will not stage protest against the bad policies of the government, adding, that JI was autonomous in it’s decisions and workers will follow every direction of the leadership.

While describing the reason for not joining the Opposition in protests, he stated that PML-N and PPP have been looting the country since decades so it’s not good for JI to become part of their protest.

It is pertinent to mention here that JI earlier in 2019 had also opted to stay away of the JUI-F Azadi March against the PTI government and had launched their own protests around the country.