TERBELA GHAZI - Only 49 active cases of Covid-19 are in Haripur district as 90 percent corona patients have been recovered.

According to Dr. Husnain Raza Turabi, medical Di­rector Al-Ghazi Hospital Haripur, till 11th of July, 2020, a total 556 corona cases were recorded in Haripur dis­trict but by the Grace of Almighty Allah 507 patients had been recovered with the ratio of 90 percent.

Dr. Turabi said the health department and Haripur district administration were not only well aware of the Coved-19 situation but they were trying their lev­el best to fully implement SOPs for prevention and to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus.

He urged the people to adopt the protective meas­ures and cooperate with the administration and health department to stop the spread of the Corona­virus in the area. He advised the people to use masks and gloves while buying or selling sacrificial animals in cattle markets.