ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi on Sunday said that Uzair Baloch has been in the custody of law enforcement agencies (LEAs) for years and a provincial minister is trying to divert attention from the real issue. In a statement, he said those powerful political figures who used him and are clearly mentioned in the JIT’s roam free, they must be brought into justice.  “I’ve done my part for my city, my country and more importantly for all those who have been affected by gang wars and terrorists”, he said.

He said “I’ve done it at the cost of risking everything, including the safety of my family”.

The minister said that threat alerts have been issued for him and his family by LEA’s.                        

“I will take this to the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan”, he said adding that “what happens there is not in anyone’s control”.

He said “hopefully, the Honorable Judges will look at all the evidence and deliver justice”, adding that Allah is the only higher authority to seek justice after the SCP.