Today’s competitive world has led to parents thinking of education as a very effective path to establish a career for their children. Reasonably, they leave no stone unturned in investing a heavy amount of money in educating their children. In countries like Pakistan, a reasonable chunk of children get the opportunity to go to schools, a few of them attend colleges and a few of them luckily get admitted in different universities for pursuing their chosen fields.

Students have to spend 4-5 years in universities to get their degrees. However, it is quite heartbreaking to know that the university these students are working hard in is not registered. Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science & Technology Campus Larkana is in the same boat. The campus was established in 2009, however, it has not yet been registered by the Pakistan Engineering Council. A number of campus graduates have qualified different exams for jobs. Unfortunately, they are denied jobs due to the absence of PEC accreditation.

Such a worrying situation puts the careers of hundreds at stake. The Governor of Sindh Imran Ismail, administration of the campus, PEC and other concerned authorities should take note of this serious issue. Timely actions can secure the future of this country.


Shikarpur, Sindh.