ISLAMABAD - The Senate has included two Bills in its agenda for the sitting on July 13 (Monday) seeking amendments in Articles 73 and 106 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

The first sitting of 300th session of Senate would be held on July 13 and it would be the first private member’s day of the session.  It is to mention that two-third majority is required in both Houses of Parliament to pass the motion for introduction of the bill or passage of the bill seeking Constitutional Amendment. 

A total of 17 lawmakers have sponsored the bill seeking amendment in Article 73 of the Constitution of regarding  procedure with respect to Money Bill and its first sub-article states that Notwithstanding anything contained in Article 70, a Money Bill shall originate in the National Assembly: Provided that simultaneously when a Money Bill, including the Finance Bill containing the Annual Budget Statement, is presented in the National Assembly, a copy thereof shall be transmitted to the Senate which may, within fourteen days, make recommendations thereon to the National Assembly. The sub-article (1A) states that the National Assembly shall consider the recommendations of the Senate and after the Bill has been passed by the Assembly with or without incorporating the recommendations of the Senate, it shall be presented to the President for assent. The lawmakers sponsoring this bill have sought amendment in this article. Another bill has sought amendment in Article 106 of the Constitution elaborating constitution of Provincial Assemblies and composition of seats in these legislatures. This bill sponsored by 20 lawmakers from Balochistan demands to increase the number of seats in Provincial Assembly of Balochistan from 65 to 80. 

The Standing Committee on Law and Justice has presented report on this bill during last session which recommended to increase the number of seats in Balochistan Assembly.

It is to mention that this private members’ bill was referred to the Committee on September 2, 2019 after introduction in the House.

The Committee considered the bill in multiple meetings and also held public hearings in Karachi and Quetta.  According to the proposed amendment, the general seats in Balochistan Assembly may be increased to 64 from 51, Women seats to 13 from 11 while seats for Non-Muslims to remain 3 and no change to made in it.

A bill seeking raise in number of benches of high court is also part of agenda. This bill seeking amendment in Article 198 of the Constitution is sponsored by PML-N lawmaker Javed Abbassi and has been pending for the last several sessions.