A few months back our streets were flooded with male and female beggars. Then all of a sudden, they disappeared. The streets were orphaned. It was a gruesome mystery. The veteran charity-givers were extremely dismayed. There were wild guesses about the mystery. Some thought that the male beggars had married the female beggars and the couples had flown away to certain unknown habitats for honeymooning. Some thought some traffic constables had got jealous of the lucrative earnings of the beggars and they, out of sheer jealousy, had kicked the beggars off the streets. When at the end of a day's business a common beggar counted his earnings, his cheeks got rosy. He was emotionally charged. He had earned more than a constable's daily salary. He looked at the skies and lisped: "O God I am grateful to you that you created me as a beggar and not as a traffic constable." Some citizens believe that the beggars have been kicked off the streets under strict government orders. The government believed that the beggars were a national humiliation. The government should have known that the beggars were innocent. Actually, the charity-givers were the real culprits. If there were to be no charity-givers, there would be no beggars. Whenever a constable saw someone dropping something into some beggar's bowl, he should have nabbed the "dropper" and dropped him into his Black Maria. Had this technology been consistently practised, our streets would never have been desecrated by the beggars. We detest the street beggars. But there is another kind of beggars. They are not street beggars. They are bank-beggars. Their begging consists of getting their huge bank loans written-off. Which is more humiliating for the nation: begging openly in the streets or begging clandestinely? One wonders If begging is really nauseous to the government then it must deal with the loans-beggars as mercilessly as it has dealt with the street beggars. We dislike begging. But we dislike it only at the national level. At the international level we love begging like mad. At the international level we beg like a baby begging for a nipple. What we have so far got through our international begging is a sacred secret. What our street beggars must be thinking about our bank-beggars and our international begging, one just shudders to imagine. Every man is born a beggar. A shopkeeper is a customer-beggar. A politician is a vote-beggar. A parliamentarian is a ministry-beggar. A jobless person is a job-beggar. A starving person is a bread-beggar. Some beg of God what they want. Some beg of the Devil what they want. A man is yet to be born who can survive without being a beggar of one sort or another. One can't help begging of the government: "Please government Why are you so heartless about our street-beggars? You yourself are what you are because of your consistent begging at the international level." Obviously, our government believes that when an individual becomes a beggar, he is an insult to the nation. But when the government itself becomes a beggar it is something supremely laudable. The Human Rights Commission has granted freedom of thought and freedom of expression to every individual. Unfortunately, the Commission has criminally failed to grant another freedom which is more vital than the freedoms which are already granted. It is the freedom of begging. Imagine a citizen who can neither feed himself nor is he fed by the state. There are only two options available to him. Either he should kill himself or survive as a beggar. The Commission must review its freedom philosophy on an emergency basis. The Pakistani beggars are anxiously waiting for the review which makes begging a fundamental right of every poverty-stricken individual. Almost daily some Pakistanis commit suicide because of extreme poverty. They bring us severe international condemnation. On the contrary some poor Pakistanis, instead of killing themselves, survive by begging. We must be grateful to such beggars. They save us from being internationally denounced. Naturally, begging must be less blameworthy than outright starvation-suicides. Some fool has said that beggars can't be choosers. The fool ought to have known that begging is an art. Artists have various artistic technologies at their disposal. The artist who chooses the best of these technologies is a great success. Likewise, beggars have various begging technologies at their disposal. The beggar who chooses the best of these technologies is the most successful beggar.