PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari has finally broken his silence over Musharraf by calling him a 'defacto President'. Defacto President is an interesting term considering the fact that Musharraf claims to have been duly elected by the Parliament. The PPP co-chairman said his party did not believe in working with personalities, instead it worked for the improvement of the collective political system and the strengthening of institutions. The fact of the matter is that political parties themselves function on personality-based cults, which in turn do not lead to improvement in the collective political system and strengthening of institutions. Rather, it weakens the institutions. Zardari should realize the fact that it is in the interest of the country that Parliament should work with President as he is the symbol of federation in the country. If Zardari does not acknowledge Musharraf as president, then why did he sign the NRO? -AMIN SULEIMAN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, June 9.