DHAKA - Pakistan selection committee member Shafqat Rana has advised the team to adapt to the conditions and have consultations as to how they would implement the strategy they make. He said that no team loses deliberately and what happened on the day was that they got panicked to chase the huge ask. He further added that India showed maturity and converted quickly from twenty20 cricket to 50 over game. "They played the match like they did not come form T20 form of the game," he added.  He said that one good thing happened in the Pakistan camp despite the defeat was that captain Shoaib Malik has started to see the ball though his 53, was not of match winning nature but he has returned to form. He also pointed out that the one down player should be in good form in case the openers open the face of batting line-up the third player should hold the wicket for a solid platform. "We have seen in the past that whenever there has been good start from the openers Pakistan posted big total otherwise the collapse under pressure and that day the same thing happened," said he. "So good performance trigger down from the top and that also goes for the captains leading abilities." On the change in the batting order, he said that they give the selected team and the team management decides any change of batting line up. "We can not interfere in their decision," he said. "I believe what is decided in the team meeting should be visible on the field and here Malik's leadership plays a vital role. So everything is not lost as yet. They should sit and plan," he added. He further identified lack of confidence as compared to the Indian team. Indians were calm on that day but Pakistan's body language was defensive. On a question of the team composition and selection for Asia Cup, he said that in that event all teams have lost of chance to deliver. "Things are getting so quickly that we did not want to shake the combination but for Asia Cup we would look for a few changes in the team in consultation with the team management." He further said that these players should play a number of first class matches. "Its easy to convert to 50 overs game from a five day match but from T20 version conversion is difficult to get." He also said: "For a better team we need to have a better domestic structure and the association should play their positive role instead of just holding office." On the fielding lapses, he said that it is the player who himself have to develop sharp fielding skills and improve his own fitness.  "But David Dyer has improved the fitness of the players a lot and injury problem has not hit them recently." He said that the most important thing is the performance and there should not be compromise on discipline.