PML-N has announced its strategy for impeachment against Musharraf issuing a 10 points charge sheet against him. The PML-N says Musharraf should be tried according to Article 6 of the constitution for treason. What treason are they talking about, the 1999 coup which in a way was perpetrated by Nawaz Sharif himself through his own brilliant handling of the situation? Mind you, it was the army who acted that day, not Musharraf. If PML-N is referring to the Emergency, they should read the constitution, which states that the President has the right to impose emergency if and when the situation demands. The country is not out of one crisis and the PML-N wants it mired into another. The fact of the matter is that this is not a confrontation of principles in politics but more of a personal vendetta that started from the 1999 coup. It was Mr. Sharif who voluntarily went into exile. If he was so brave, why did he not stay back in jail, at least he would have gained more credibility. -ZULFIKAR SAEED, Lahore, June 7.