In order to generate additional revenue and help the poor, which is a very noble intention, the government should not go overboard by burdening the so-called well to do people beyond their capacity. The now aborted wealth tax, that was levied in the past, used to be extremely unjust and unreasonable. Imagine having wealth tax on plots that do not generate any profit but still the tax has to be paid by their owners out of the limited amount they have for their living. The wealth accruing from these plots should be taxed at the time of their sale. Similarly the owner of a property that is rented out has to pay a reasonably high rate of property tax to the Cantt Board/LDA etc as well as income tax, besides spending some amount on its maintenance. Levying of the wealth tax in addition to the above is very unjust. The government should consider these aspects before formulating the budget. -ZAHID, Lahore, via e-mail, June 11.