More than 17 people including some foreigners were killed and 70 injured on June 9 when a mini-truck, loaded with 500 Kg explosives, exploded at Pearl Continental hotel, Peshawar. In the past few days, terror-incidents have occurred at the public places of Peshawar, Dera Ismail Khan and Upper Dir including Police Rescue 15 at Islamabad, killing several persons as part of a new series of similar events which started on May 27 from Lahore where more than 30 people were killed when an explosive-laden van exploded near Rescue 15 building which was completely destroyed. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) led by Baitullah Mehsud had claimed responsibility for the Lahore carnage. The actual target was the ISI building. Most of our analysts have been taking these incidents as retaliation of the Malakand military operation. But we cannot see the new terror-attacks in isolation. There is a need to keep in view all the inter-related developments. As for the Lahore attack there are clear signs that Indian intelligence agency RAW is behind the incident. Its main focus was the ISI building. While most of our high officials avoid pointing a finger at RAW, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said on the same day that Indian involvement in "suicide attack in Lahore cannot be ruled out." Recently Federal Science and Technology Minister Azam Khan Swati revealed that America was open enemy of Pakistan and wanted to make India the leading power of the region. Despite American cooperation with Pakistan, its main aim remains to de-nuclearise our country. Even under President Obama who promised to maintain special relationship with the Islamic countries, Pakistan, its nuclear assets and ISI are targets of the foreign plot. In this regard, CIA, RAW and Mossad, which have established their tentacles in Afghanistan, have intensified their covert activities against Pakistan by sponsoring terrorism and supporting the insurgents in the Frontier Province and Balochistan. In Balochistan, BLA separatists have been creating lawlessness with the logistic support of these agencies. As regards Bailtullah Mehsud, reports suggest that on several occasions, the US military commanders had been provided with his exact location by Pakistan's secret agencies, but the CIA-operated predators did not hunt him as he is Pakistan's real enemy who masterminded almost every suicide mission in the country including recent bombings in Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore. In the past, US had killed the Taliban leader, Nek Muhammad through a missile when he was using his mobile phone, but Mehsud is free to talk on phone. Undoubtedly, tentacles of terrorism exist in Afghanistan from where our enemies are supporting militants in Pakistan. The writer is a foriegn affairs analyst E-mail: