Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilanis statement at NATO conference in Brussels may well be termed height of 'strategic miscalculation from leader of a nation at war or else a fit of extreme insanity. Mr Gilani 's call for NATO forces to stay in Afghanistan for the sake of peace and stability was an absolute outrage. The consensus of opinion among almost all the leading journalists, strategic thinkers and defence experts converges on a single point; withdrawal of NATO as soon as possible. But here is the PM of the country that stands to gain most from withdrawal ignorantly, almost madly, calling for NATO troops to stay? That should give you an insight into the mundane, totally out of touch with reality foreign policy being run by the current government. There is no connect with the constantly changing global scenario either. The world is going through a tumultuous process of regional re-alignments and paradigm shifts that are almost order of every new day. Our leadership, though, is blinded to these developments by the flash of aid announcements from Washington. Meanwhile, we are burning our taxpayers money to light the fuse of missiles we throw back at them. Peace and bombs cannot go together just as NATOs stay in Afghanistan and a stable Pakistan simply cannot be. -SHAHID MEHMOOD, Faisalabad, June 10.