The City government Karachi had announced construction of an overhead bridge on Bacha Khan (Banaras) Chowk with much fanfare. The claimants of '98 percent vote from Karachi, though, failed to complete this project for their voters from this part of the city in their entire tenure of four years. The numerous ethnic riots that happened in the last three years and loss of dozens of innocent lives in this area did not convince them of utility of this project and it never did get completed. The CDGK gave a number of deadlines but failed miserably every time. After departure of the CDGK, the newly-appointed Administrator of Karachi has also given a deadline. That has also lapsed now but the bridge is still where it was-incomplete. Seeing the pace of work, it is safe to assume it would take at least another year, if not more, to complete. Perhaps a fresh deadline from President or Prime Minister might motivate the concerned authorities to complete it at an early date but I doubt it. Meanwhile, even the road beneath the bridge has not been leveled in the all of the three years so the traffic is unable to pass smoothly. The road itself is also in most dilapidated condition. The poor people of the area are bearing mental and physical torture of passing through the area daily and it is such a torture that if any of the VIP representatives that claim to represent the '98 percent were to go through it but once, he would abandon the claim of serving the poor people, out of shame. That is, if he has an iota of shame. But we all know how shameless they are. So dont hope too much -ASHRAF ALI ANSARI, Karachi, June 9.