The Israeli attack on Freedom Flotilla was no surprise as those on board had already predicted confrontation with the Israeli forces. It is the severity of the Israeli response that has shaken the world. The Israeli commandos invaded the Flotilla from all directions opening sporadic fire upon peaceful civilian going on the humanitarian mission of taking relief goods to Gaza. The barbarity was totally uncalled for and this, along with Israelis governments brazenness at this stark violation of international law, is what has largely ignited a worldwide rage. Millions of people around the world have come out protesting against Israel. Israel, though, is a serial criminal against international law. For instance, despite condemnation of Israeli plans to build new homes in occupied East Jerusalem from all over the world and a call for freezing of all settlement activity by the UN, and even United States, there is little or no effect on the Israeli activity of building illegal settlements. For a long time now, the entire Muslim community had been quietly minding their own business while Israel had kept plundering Palestine. Suddenly, after the Israeli raid on the mission of peace on high seas, Muslim states are voicing their annoyance on the incident, even resorting to use of words like 'inhuman and 'crazy to describe it. This shameless action of the Zionist state should not go unchallenged. -LUBNA UMAR, Islamabad, June 6.