There can be nothing worse than a government that has lost trust and confidence of its people. The somersaults of this government are customary but there could be nothing more preposterous than Prime Minister Gilani proclaiming that The NRO is a valid law that led to national reconciliation which benefited the country. Mr Gilani has also held forth that the Swiss cases were closed and it would be futile to request Swiss authorities to re-open these cases against President Zardari because they simply could not be re-opened 'legally. That confirms the rumours already doing the round that the ruling clique has already had a secret deal with the Swiss government on this subject. About time Nawaz Sharif woke up and the PPP leaders that are blind to the wreckage of their party woke up. They have to save this country from ruination and save the people from present clutch of inefficient and corrupt rulers. -RAFI NASIM, Lahore, June 10.