KUWAIT CITY As many as 184,000 foreigners, including 10,000 Pakistanis, illegally staying in Kuwait face deportation if they failed to get their stay legalised by June 30, when the amnesty period granted by the Amir of the city state to such residents will expire. After the deadline, the relevant departments will start a crackdown against illegal residents. Under the law, they will not only be deported but also fined. To have their stay legalised, the illegal residents are required to find sponsors, who will approach the government departments for necessary documentation. Those who are not in possession of a passport or civil identification will be traced through the Investigation Department. Their personal information can be accessed by referring to fingerprint details. Thereafter, they can obtain travel documents from respective embassies and exit the country without paying penalties before June 30. The Ministry of Interiors Assistant Undersecretary Lt-General Abdul Hameed Al-Awadhi said that a raid will be conducted in all governorates. More concerted efforts will be made towards the end of amnesty period. Lists containing the names of violators have been prepared.