Nick Jonas put out a solo album last year, Joes is on its way, and Kevin got married. It seems like the JoBros have gone their separate ways, but Nick claims thats not so. When asked if the band of brothers is dunzo, he promised thats not the case. No, no, no, no, no, he said on The View. Were just taking some time to do some individual projects and enjoy kind of that journey that each of us are on. Its exciting, you know, were all doing different things and kind of taking those experiences and then well come back and do something soon. Nick was very vocal about his professional life, hes also involved in trying to find the next young superstar with the Chewy Project, but he was a bit shyer about his love life. He didnt come right out and admit hes dating Delta Goodrem, though theyve been photographed together being totally lovey dovey. ZM