The other day Gen Zia-ud-Din in one of the TV programs indicated that since the inception of NDC in early seventies, only three officers got ALPHA grade in the War Course, namely, Gen Jehangir Karamat, Gen Ziaud Din and lastly Gen Kayani. I am reminded of a lecture given by a senior Field Marshal of the British Army on Army Leadership delivered the students of their Staff College. He indicated four types of army leaders: (a) senior field commanders, very intelligent but lazy; (b) senior staff officers, very intelligent but hard working; (c) good regimental officers; dunce but lazy; (d) bad regimental officers, dunce and also hard working who should be feared and not given any task. So you see from the Old Field Marshal's assessment all the three holding A' Grade, should have been made as CJCS or retired as CGS, being intelligent and hard working would have made excellent staff officer. MUHAMMAD SHAHBAZ, Lahore, June 10.