ISLAMABAD - Caught on the wrong foot, the Pakistan Peoples Party leadership was contemplating to back out from its decision of making Jamiat-I-Ulema-I-Islam Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haideri as Leader of Opposition in the Upper House of the Parliament. Sources in the PPP informed The Nation on Sunday that the legal and constitutional wizards of the party were trying to carve some way out for the government to get out of this Catch-22 situation without facing embarrassment. But it was the consensus view of the legal experts that without taking back the decision or convincing Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), the other contender for the slot to accept the government decision, there was no way out. Chairman Senate Farooq Naik after failing to convince the leaders of both PML-N and JUI-F leaders in the Upper House on the decision, had asked newly appointed Leader of Opposition in Senate Moulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri to convince the PML-N otherwise he would have to review the decision, the sources in the Senate further informed. The sources in the government informed that in case the PML-N takes the matter to the Supreme Court, the decision would surely be coming in favour of the N-League, which would not only add to the embarrassment of the government but would also undermine the Parliaments stature. On the other hand, the PML-N and its allies in the Upper House were firm on their decision and said that till the time the Chairman Senate would not do justice with them they would not let the House function smoothly and they had proved it by creating rumpus and uproar in the Senate during the debate on Finance Bill. The sources in the PML-N informed The Nation that Senator Raja Zafarul Haq during his meeting with Chairman Senate Farooq H. Naik made it loud and clear on him that in case the decision was not reversed and they would be granted the slot of Leader of Opposition on merit they would not let the house function smoothly. He further said that the PML-N and its allies reserve their right to move the apex court against what they termed the unconstitutional and illegal nomination of the Leader of the Opposition in the Upper House by Chairman Senate, the sources added. On the other JUI-F was determined not to vacate the priced slot of Leader of Opposition in the Upper House and their leaders said that they were the single largest party in the opposition and it was their right to have the slot. The constitutional experts said that government could not include seven FATA members in the list of those supporting JUI-F candidature for the Opposition Leader slot in Senate as all the FATA members were part of treasury benches and at the time of their elections they had clearly showed the allegiance with the government. On the other hand even if the Q-League senators who had extended support to Senator Ishaq Dar for the slot would be excluded from the list of those supporting him(Dar) for the slot the N-League senator have 15 members on his side to install him in the saddle of Leader of Opposition provided the seven FATA MPs would be excluded from the list of JUI-F candidate, who had the support of 19 MPs including FATA Senators. A source in PML-N informed that the government was reluctant to give slot of Leader of Opposition to avoid real opposition to the government on host of issues in the coming days and above all the installation of Ishaq Dar as Leader of Opposition in Senate would enable the N-League to have four out of eight members in the Parliamentary Committee on judges appointment making it difficult for the ruling coalition to have decision of their choice. Similarly, by getting the equal strength in the committee PML-N could demand to rotate the chairmanship of the committee between the government and opposition.