It has been a very interesting week for Indians and Indian democracy, thanks to the headline grabbing acts of Baba Ramdev, a yoga and spiritual guru who is hell-bent on bringing the Congress-led UPA government to its knees on the corruption issue. The point, however, is that corruption is not just an issue for the Congress party, it is every Indian's problem. It has seeped into every corner of the Indian system. Additionally, when one contemplates the lifestyle of a guru who flies around in executive jets, banks millions through donations and spearheads numerous business ventures which are legally not in his name, then it is necessary to take Ramdev and all that he stands for and represents, less than seriously. It is clear to see that the guru is not alone he is being backed by people well-versed in the art of politics to harass the Congress into compliance. That the prime minister and his cabinet have reacted less than professionally has compounded the problem. Ramdev is failing to disguise his political aspirations and his call to arm youth to tackle corruption and the corrupt is unconstitutional, but it shows a fundamentalist approach, something that progressive India does not need. The Congress Party also needs to reboot its image. Its integrity has been seriously dented. Gulf News