LAHORE - A 50-year-old woman was gunned down by two dacoits shortly after she offered resistance in a ground of Samanabad area during morning walk on here on Sunday. The deceased was identified as Azra Bibi, a resident of Chah Jammuwala at Abu Bakar Road. A neighbour said Azra along with her two neighbourers women used to visit the ground daily. Here on Sunday morning when she arrived, about two dacoits in their late 19s approached and asked her to hand over gold ornaments, cash and other gold beauty articles. According to him, during the course of conversation one of the dacoits, yet to be identified, snatched a gold chain and bangles of other woman and asked Azra to do the same. Azra offered resistance on which one of them sprayed a bullet with automatic weapon, which pierced into her chest resultantly she died on the spot, one of the companion women told police. Police after being informed reached the spot and started to shift the body to the City morgue but one Sadiq, husband of the deceased woman, stopped them doing so. He along with a good number of locals staged a protest demonstration against police alleging that they were patronizing the hardened criminals. DSP Chaudhry Riaz, utilising his links, has been appointed again in Samanabad Circle consequently none of the dacoits/robbers have been apprehended so far, they added. Ashifq, a worker of local printing press, showed his complete distrust in local police. The protestors further said the dacoits were on rampage across the Samanabad locality and one or two residents are falling prey to the dacoits but none of them have been arrested by the police concerned. Somehow police managed to shift the body to the City morgue for autopsy. A case has been lodged against unidentified accused with no arrest till filing of this report. Further investigations are underway.