Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has stated that as soon as the Provincial Assembly approves recommendation of sales tax on farm houses, I and my family will pay all dues in this connection. 'There should be no misconception that Sharif family is looking for excuses not to pay taxes, he stated. Talking to Waqt TV channel on Sunday, the CM said that the Punjabs poor-friendly budget is aimed at distributing wealth and sources among the needy people of the society after taking it from the rich class. He said that Punjab government is pondering over to impose tax on people having 5000 square ft home while swimming polls built in homes and offices will also be taxed. He further said that decision has also been made to impose service tax on new membership of major clubs like Gymkhana and Sukh Chen. To a query, the CM said that government would create job opportunities by providing loans worth Rs 100,000 for youth who could share their family responsibilities. Shahbaz said that the Punjab government has vowed not to compromise on national interest in exchange for foreign aid.